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David McCullough, Author And Historian, Dead At 89 2022-08-08 12:50:28The Pulitzer-Prize-winning historian authored bestselling books on key figures and moments in U.S. history.

Polish Auschwitz Survivor, Novelist Zofia Posmysz, Dies At 2022-08-08 12:11:20She was 18 when she was arrested in 1942 for her association with the Polish resistance in Krakow.

Stephen King Set To Testify For Govt In 2022-08-02 06:34:29The author of “Carrie,” “The Shining" and many other favorites, King has willingly placed himself in opposition to Simon & Schu

Jared Kushner Says Steve Bannon Once Threatened To 2022-07-29 21:05:16That's when Trump's son-in-law and adviser realized he was "woefully unprepared" to deal with the volatile White House strategist.

Twitter Users Emasculate Josh Hawley's Upcoming Book On 2022-07-28 19:29:02One person joked that he was pretty sure the Missouri Senator's book would "fall well short of expectations."

Stephen Colbert Pitches Fitting Title For Rudy Giuliani's 2022-07-28 02:51:44Falling debris from a Chinese rocket inspired "The Late Show" host.

Bestselling Author Stuart Woods Dead At 84 2022-07-28 02:47:19Woods was the author of more than 90 novels, many featuring the character of lawyer-investigator Stone Barrington.

The Best Cookbooks For Beginners, According To Chefs 2022-07-25 05:45:09Claire Saffitz and Carla Lali Music recommend their favorite cookbooks for a non-intimidating approach to cooking at home.

The Best Summer Beach Reads You Can Get 2022-07-23 06:00:11Because books are better when read on vacation.

Michelle Obama To Release New Book, 'The Light 2022-07-21 11:52:36Due out Nov. 15, the former first lady's book is billed as "a series of fresh stories and insightful reflections on change, challenge, and power."

Ada Limón Named The 24th U.S. Poet Laureate 2022-07-13 02:20:29“Poetry is a way of to remember our relationship with the natural world is reciprocal. It's having a place to breathe and having a place to pay


The Cute and Horrifying World of Jim Woodring 2022-08-09 06:00:00In “One Beautiful Spring Day,” the cartoonist takes his orders from the imaginary world that he creates.

Why Are Only Mothers Miraculous? 2022-08-08 10:00:00Emi Yagi’s “Diary of a Void” uses an office worker’s fake pregnancy to press on broad assumptions about life, vitality, and sp

Sana Krasikov on War and Friendship 2022-08-08 06:00:00The author discusses “The Muddle,” her story from the latest issue of the magazine.

Briefly Noted Book Reviews 2022-08-08 06:00:00“Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow,” “Hurricane Girl,” “Musical Revolutions,” and “Yield.”

Josephine Baker Was the Star France Wanted—and the 2022-08-08 06:00:00When the night-club sensation became a Resistance agent, the Nazis never realized what she was hiding in the spotlight.

Sana Krasikov Reads “The Muddle” 2022-08-08 06:00:00The author reads her story from the August 15, 2022, issue of the magazine.

What We Gain from a Good Bookstore 2022-08-06 06:00:00It’s a place whose real boundaries and character are much more than its physical dimensions.

André Alexis Reads Italo Calvino 2022-08-05 06:00:00The author joins Deborah Treisman to read and discuss the story “Waiting for Death in a Hotel,” which was published in a 2006 issue of the

“Replacement Grandparent” 2022-08-04 06:00:00“Could she find someone to care if the baby had had a fever for five days, and to ask questions, and to check in?”

The Novel That Found Its Melodrama in the 2022-08-02 11:41:28Judith Rossner’s “August,” from 1983, takes its title from the cruellest month—the one when many therapists go on vacation.

The Death of Ayman al-Zawahiri 2022-08-01 20:44:56The Al Qaeda leader was reportedly killed in Afghanistan by a U.S. drone strike.

How Toxic Is Masculinity? 2022-08-01 06:00:00A crop of new books reconsiders feminism’s stance toward men.

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Voyaging the Mississippi: How flatboats shaped American history 2022-08-09 16:27:31No one thought journalist Rinker Buck would succeed in taking a flatboat from Pittsburgh to New Orleans. He proves them wrong in “Life on the Mi

What can a library card get you? Try 2022-08-03 16:25:09Public libraries, among America’s oldest institutions, find new relevance in shelves stocked with everything from telescopes to cheese warmers.

Where the Nile began: The perilous journey to 2022-08-03 09:47:47An expedition to discover the Nile River’s origin was the “Holy Grail” of 19th-century exploration, as Candice Millard’s &ldqu

Mohsin Hamid’s novel ‘The Last White Man’ imagines 2022-08-01 18:37:16British Pakistani novelist Mohsin Hamid explores a provocative question: Can white supremacy persist, if no one is white any longer?

Survival tale ‘The Wall’ pits a woman against 2022-07-27 18:24:11Austrian writer Marlen Haushofer’s survival novel tells the story of a woman trapped behind a strange, impenetrable wall in a Bavarian forest.

Bracing cultural criticism flows from the pen of 2022-07-26 17:57:57Provocative and pointed literary criticism in “How to Read Now: Essays” challenges people to become better, smarter, less Euro-centric rea

How Sasha Alsberg stays true to herself in 2022-07-26 16:32:00Sasha Alsberg, who has a half-million followers on social media, explains how she stays true to herself and how she wrote her novel “Breaking Ti

How ‘Bull Durham’ went from long shot to 2022-07-21 15:41:00Director Ron Shelton’s “The Church of Baseball” tells the story behind his most famous film – one of the most popular sports m

Singer, dancer, pilot, spy: Josephine Baker’s wartime career 2022-07-20 16:47:00Fame gave Josephine Baker a cover for espionage during World War II, when her frequent tours enabled her to smuggle secrets out of occupied France.

Giving Black women in pop music their due: 2022-07-18 15:10:00Journalist and super fan Danyel Smith champions the role of Black women in pop music in “Shine Bright,” which combines memoir with music h

She overcame bias as a woman in science. 2022-07-14 16:06:29Lindy Elkins-Tanton, lead scientist for NASA’s Psyche mission, describes challenges and successes in “A Portrait of the Scientist as a You

Need a summer escape? Travel to coastal Maine, 2022-07-12 11:37:00The 10 best books of July flaunt Cold War-era spies, ice-cap explorers, and Maine summer people.

The New York Review of Books

Made Alone and Imperatively 2022-08-05 10:34:36In her memoir Self-Portrait (2019), Celia Paul describes being baffled by the prospect of life-drawing classes when she first arrived at the Slade. &l

Old Story, New Money 2022-08-03 11:25:48The Gilded Age, Julian Fellowes’s new series for HBO, never mentions the name of its muse-matriarch, Edith Wharton. But twenty minutes into the

‘Hope You’re Staying Cool’ 2022-07-31 13:30:00Londoners welcome the heat. It’s not that this “grim little rock,” as the English writer Geoff Dyer (now ensconced in California) on

Messages to the Medium 2022-07-30 08:30:00“It turns out that posing for photographs with one’s television was a surprisingly common practice” in midcentury America, writes Ha

‘Who Should Die for Me?’ 2022-07-29 08:00:00“Putin is our main recruiter,” Elisa Jakson said to me, gesturing at a formation of a hundred or so new members of Naiskodukaitse, the wom

The Good Mother 2022-07-28 08:12:01When I was pregnant with my first child, I rode my bicycle well into my third trimester, grateful for the weightless ease of wheels on pavement, the b

‘What We Want Is to Start a Revolution’ 2022-07-28 08:11:48Early in the twentieth century there lived in Greenwich Village a few hundred women and men who were bent on making a revolution not so much in politi

The Last Reversal 2022-07-28 08:11:20In the mid-sixth century AD a North African writer named Verecundus sat down to compose a Latin poem. Verecundus was a good Christian, indeed a bishop

Hong Kong from the Inside 2022-07-28 08:11:04In November 2019 some one thousand young pro-democracy protesters occupied the campus of Hong Kong’s Polytechnic University, which is located at

Downtown Confessional 2022-07-28 08:10:51Maybe a prostituteCould teach you howTo accept a compliment—The Tragically Hip, “Flamenco” It was 1989 when I saw John Lurie on TV i

Socialists on the Knife-Edge 2022-07-28 08:10:38“A specter is haunting America,” intones the right-wing propagandist Dinesh D’Souza. “The specter of socialism.” As he s

Exhausting All Possibilities 2022-07-28 08:10:24There is a particular undertow of unease that comes with working all day at a desk and then playing video games at night. They are simply too similar:


Author of 'Taliban' reflects on how the group 2022-08-09 16:55:12In 2001, author and journalist Ahmed Rashid wrote the definitive account of the Taliban and its origins. NPR's Mary Louise Kelly now speaks with Rash

Two books dig into the 1990s for the 2022-08-09 15:30:11Two veteran observers of American politics, a journalist and a historian, argue that former president Trump is not responsible for the GOP of our day

'The Last White Man' spins a deft, if 2022-08-09 05:19:00Mohsin Hamid's surreal new novel centers on a white man who awakens one morning to find that his skin has turned brown. The Last White Man only serio

Two sisters fight for Vietnam's independence 2022-08-08 18:57:44The novel Bronze Drum explores the legend of the sisters' rebellion against Chinese rule and the idea of collective memory as resistance.

Authors worry about the proposed merger of Penguin 2022-08-07 09:09:30As one of the largest antitrust trials to hit the publishing industry continues, how might the proposed merger of Penguin Random House and Simon &

Authors and bookstore owners worry a big publishing 2022-08-07 09:00:00The proposed merger between Penguin Random House and Simon & Schuster will likely change things for authors and readers - for better or worse

NPR's top picks for 2022 fiction books 2022-08-07 08:03:18Four NPR staffers recommend new novels in an early taste of our annual Books We Love round-up: "How High We Go in the Dark," "Vladimir," "Mecca"

After her mother's stroke, Lara Porzak helped finish 2022-08-06 08:11:48NPR's Scott Simon speaks with novelist Marianne Wiggins about her latest book, "Properties of Thirst," along with her daughter, Lara Porzak, who he

'The Devil Takes You Home' invites readers to 2022-08-06 06:00:14Gabino Iglesias' barrio noir may not be a cheerful book, but it still allows glimpses of love, moments of connection, and glimmers of beauty to exist

Ackerman's 'Fifth Act' focuses on the final week 2022-08-05 05:12:00NPR's Rachel Martin talks to Elliot Ackerman about his new book, The Fifth Act: America's End in Afghanistan. Waves of Afghans were trying to evacua

For fans and non-fans alike, Netflix's 'The Sandman' 2022-08-05 05:00:00To the many fans of Neil Gaiman's comic book series: Relax. The new Netflix show nails it.

Matt de la Peña and Hanif Abdurraqib on 2022-08-04 17:41:59Children's book writer Matt de la Pena and poet and essayist Hanif Abdurraqib talk about how basketball feeds their writing.

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