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Alien UFO Sightings

White UFO Filmed Over The United Arab Emirates 2020-11-20 10:35:11The eyewitness to this UFO sighting in the U.A.E. states, “I saw a white ball moving slowly across the horizon. It was moving in a str

Man transforms himself into ‘black alien’ by having 2020-11-13 14:08:08A MAN has transformed himself into a ‘black alien’ by having his nose REMOVED, splitting his tongue and having his eyeballs tattooed. Anth

Milky Way holds at least 300 MILLION habitable 2020-11-11 16:40:50NASA used data from the now-defunct Kepler telescope to scan Milky Way  Found 50% of Sun-like stars likely have planets which host liquid wa

Speculation Swirls Around The Possibility That Donald Trump 2020-11-09 11:01:50Now that Donald Trump appears on track to be leaving the White House in January, many are pointing to the possibility that the president wil

Ronald Reagan 1987: ‘Is Not an Alien Force 2020-11-07 13:43:04In 1987, then U.S. President Ronald Reagan stood before the United Nations and ended his Cold War speech with something that made UFO e

Body Modification Enthusiast Spends Around £400 Getting A 2020-11-07 12:02:18A man who is obsessed with body modifications has splashed out a fair chunk of money to have some honest-to-God tusks added to his

UFO sightings are taking the US by storm 2020-10-31 14:51:07THEY call it an October Surprise – a sudden and unexpected revelation that can change the course of a US presidential election. In the final day

Where did the Moon come from? 2020-10-30 16:06:08No other satellite is as large, relative to the planet it orbits, as the Moon. How did the Earth end up with such a whopping neighbour? The Moon is a

There is a huge ‘monolith’ on Phobos, one 2020-10-27 15:42:57“When people find out about that they are going to say, ‘Who put that there? Who put that there?'” These are the words of Buzz Aldr

Fisherman Catch Albino Baby Shark With Just One 2020-10-27 09:30:00Fishermen in Indonesia were shocked when they stumbled upon a rare baby albino shark with just one eye. The animal was found inside the bell

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Communist Subversion of America Is Nearly Complete: Left 2020-11-24 13:55:00For weeks, the left-wing media has been absurdly claiming that patriot websites and a Republican President elect are working for the Russians. The tru

Hulk, At 173 Lbs, Might Be The World’s 2020-11-24 08:20:00‘Hulk,’ a massive 173.4lb (78.6kg) pitbull in the U.S., is a trained professional guard dog, who will heed his owners every command and pr

Physical Evidence Clearly Shows There’s A Huge Structure 2020-11-24 08:12:00Recent research clearly shows what most historians and archaeologists have known for thousands of years. Buried at least 5 meters under the sand, lies

13 Most Evil U.S. Government Experiments On Humans 2020-11-24 06:41:00The U.S. Government has been caught conducting an insane amount of vile, inhumane and grisly experiments on humans without their consent and often wit

Magic Ring Power Behind Solomon, Genghis Khan 2020-11-24 06:16:00Magic Ring ⊗ It is known that the great majority of historical personalities loved the jewels and precious stones they wore or collected. Treas

10 Signs You’re Being Watched By A Guardian 2020-11-24 05:48:00One topic of interest that is common among most religions and spirituality, is the idea of angels! Regardless of what they are described as, we all ha

The Papal Bloodlines of The Jesuits — Wealthier 2020-11-24 05:38:00This is the Mythos Mafia — The Papal Bloodlines of the Jesuits. The Real Families, who from behind the scenes, control the World through Religio

Strange New Startup Harvests Young Blood To Sell 2020-11-24 05:25:00A Florida-based company is attempting to combat the aging process by harvesting the blood of young people and transfusing it into patients 30 years ol

Why You Should Be Sleeping On Your Left 2020-11-24 05:22:00It is no secret that sleep is one of the most important parts of your physical and mental health. However, did you know that how you sleep is just as

Shaolin Monk Walks On Water For 125 Meters, 2020-11-23 16:33:00Check out this amazing video of a Shaolin monk walking on water for 125 meters, using 200 floating plywood planks. Shi Liliang is from the Quanzhou Sh

Dr. Robert Gallo: I Created AIDS To Deliberately 2020-11-17 18:45:00Director of the Institute of Human Virology, Dr. Robert Gallo, co-discoverer of the AIDS virus, poses in the Medical Biotechnology Center in Baltimore

Science Finally Explains How Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells 2020-11-17 16:45:00Below is a video of Dr. Christina Sanchez, a molecular biologist at Compultense University in Madrid, Spain, clearly explaining how THC the main psych

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NHTSA Opens Investigation Into 115,000 Teslas Over Faulty New! 2020-11-27 08:45:01NHTSA Opens Investigation Into 115,000 Teslas Over Faulty Suspension Complaints Tyler Durden Fri, 11/27/2020 - 08:45 In what ap

Blain: The Global Financial Crisis 2007-2031 New! 2020-11-27 08:30:39Blain: The Global Financial Crisis 2007-2031 Tyler Durden Fri, 11/27/2020 - 08:30 Authored by Bill Blain via MorningPorridge.co

Gold Pukes Below $1800 As VIX Flash-Crashes To New! 2020-11-27 08:17:19Gold Pukes Below $1800 As VIX Flash-Crashes To February Lows Tyler Durden Fri, 11/27/2020 - 08:17 Greed is good... Fear is,

Futures Rise On Black Friday As "Massive" Month-End New! 2020-11-27 08:14:25Futures Rise On Black Friday As "Massive" Month-End Pension Selling Fails To Appear Tyler Durden Fri, 11/27/2020 - 08:14 Acco

Trump Says He Will Leave White House If New! 2020-11-27 07:49:08Trump Says He Will Leave White House If Biden Wins Electoral College Despite "Rigged" Election Tyler Durden Fri, 11/27/2020 - 07:49

Brazil's Bolsonaro Says He Won't Take Coronavirus Vaccine New! 2020-11-27 07:20:15Brazil's Bolsonaro Says He Won't Take Coronavirus Vaccine Tyler Durden Fri, 11/27/2020 - 07:20 Brazilian President Jair Bolso

WHO Sends Another Team Of Scientists To Investigate New! 2020-11-27 05:45:00WHO Sends Another Team Of Scientists To Investigate Origins Of Coronavirus In Wuhan Tyler Durden Fri, 11/27/2020 - 05:45 Health

Rare Footage Shows Russian Warship 'Chasing' US Destroyer New! 2020-11-27 05:00:00Rare Footage Shows Russian Warship 'Chasing' US Destroyer In Border Incident Tyler Durden Fri, 11/27/2020 - 05:00 Via AlMasda

"The Fraud Was Executed By Many Means": Sidney New! 2020-11-27 04:45:00"The Fraud Was Executed By Many Means": Sidney Powell "Releases Kraken" With Dual Lawsuits In Michigan, Georgia Tyler Durden Fri, 11/27/

Cuomo Calls Supreme Court Ruling On Churches 'Irrelevant' New! 2020-11-27 04:25:00Cuomo Calls Supreme Court Ruling On Churches 'Irrelevant' Tyler Durden Fri, 11/27/2020 - 04:25 Update (1338ET): Responding to

France Pushes For EU Sanctions On Turkey Over New! 2020-11-27 04:15:00France Pushes For EU Sanctions On Turkey Over Mediterranean Gas Row Tyler Durden Fri, 11/27/2020 - 04:15 France's leading effo

Saudi Aramco's Landmark IPO Is Costing The Kingdom New! 2020-11-27 03:30:00Saudi Aramco's Landmark IPO Is Costing The Kingdom Billions Tyler Durden Fri, 11/27/2020 - 03:30 Authored by Simon Watkins via

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First Evidence of a Recently Active Volcano on 2020-11-24 12:00:00A region on the Red Planet may still be volcanically active, melting ground ice and creating conditions favorable to life, astronomers say.

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The Silk Road Was More Than a Vast 2020-11-21 01:00:00Beyond carrying goods, the Silk Road is important because it enabled religions, new technologies, and ideologies to crisscross Eurasia for centuries o

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