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Pro-life student in midwife program receives apology and 2020-11-26 09:00:00CNA Staff, Nov 26, 2020 / 07:00 am (CNA).- A pro-life undergraduate student in a midwife program has received an apology and payout after she fac

Catholic bishops appeal for ‘peaceful solution’ to crisis 2020-11-26 06:35:00CNA Staff, Nov 26, 2020 / 04:35 am (CNA).- The Catholic bishops of Belarus appealed Wednesday for a “peaceful solution” to the crisis that

Twitter criticized as ‘Burn the clergy’ hashtag trends 2020-11-25 14:00:00Rome Newsroom, Nov 25, 2020 / 12:00 pm (CNA).- On the same day that Pope Francis approved the beatification of 127 Catholics killed in Spain in hatred

Swiss Catholic diocese reportedly rejects Pope Francis’ candidates 2020-11-25 11:30:00CNA Staff, Nov 25, 2020 / 09:30 am (CNA).- A Swiss Catholic diocese that elects its own bishop from a shortlist drawn up by the Holy See has rejected

French bishops press government to review 30-person Mass 2020-11-25 09:00:00Rome Newsroom, Nov 25, 2020 / 07:00 am (CNA).- After a strong reaction by French Catholics to the government’s decision Tuesday night to limit M

‘We had no idea’: The hidden life of 2020-11-25 08:00:00CNA Staff, Nov 25, 2020 / 06:00 am (CNA).- Sr. Wanda Boniszewska led an extraordinary life. The Polish nun was a reputed stigmatist tortured by Stalin

World’s oldest bishop dies in Spain at age 2020-11-25 07:00:00Rome Newsroom, Nov 25, 2020 / 05:00 am (CNA).- Bishop Damián Iguacén Borau died Tuesday at his residence in Huesca in northeastern Spain

Call for abortion clinic buffer zones throughout Scotland 2020-11-24 21:01:00CNA Staff, Nov 24, 2020 / 07:01 pm (CNA).- Pro-choice activists are calling on the Scottish government to ban prayer and public discussion of abortion

Benedict XVI’s former 'Vatileaks' butler Paolo Gabriele dies 2020-11-24 09:00:00CNA Staff, Nov 24, 2020 / 07:00 am (CNA).- The papal butler who was pardoned by Benedict XVI for his role in the “Vatileaks” affair has di

Dutch doctors can sedate 'agitated' patients before euthanasia 2020-11-23 19:00:00CNA Staff, Nov 23, 2020 / 05:00 pm (CNA).- Doctors in the Netherlands are now permitted to sedate patients without their knowledge or consent prior to

Cardinal Becciu launches second defamation lawsuit since resignation 2020-11-23 16:00:00CNA Staff, Nov 23, 2020 / 02:00 pm (CNA).- Cardinal Angelo Becciu is launching a second defamation lawsuit in relation to “offensive” medi

Franciscan friar named cardinal says he is taking 2020-11-23 09:05:00Rome Newsroom, Nov 23, 2020 / 07:05 am (CNA).- Franciscan friar Mauro Gambetti was ordained a bishop Sunday afternoon in Assisi less than a week befor

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How the Benedictine monks of Norcia survived two New! 2020-11-27 07:00:06"When the Church seems damaged and disfigured we must take that as an invitation from God to a deeper faith in Him," said the prior of the monastery

“Can I do what I like as long New! 2020-11-27 06:00:21When our personal rights seem to conflict with the common good, how can we decide what to do? “Can I do what I like as long as it doesn’t

How to celebrate the new Liturgical Year with New! 2020-11-27 00:00:51Start the new spiritual year by marking special feasts and events on the calendar. How to celebrate the new Liturgical Year with your family

Philadelphia shrine to the Miraculous Medal keeps Marian New! 2020-11-27 00:00:41A place “where heaven touches earth,” church has been destination for those seeking intercession. Philadelphia shrine to the Miraculous Me

How to stop yourself from committing a particular New! 2020-11-27 00:00:33The first step against sin is a firm resolution not to commit it, no matter how enticing it may appear. How to stop yourself from committing a particu

The 2020 Catholic Gift Guide for Women New! 2020-11-27 00:00:31Find the perfect gift for a lady you love. The 2020 Catholic Gift Guide for Women

Get the Magnificat Advent App, even if just New! 2020-11-27 00:00:05Actually, well beyond this perfect proclamation for Christmas Eve, the app will be a faithful companion for this holy season. Get the Magnificat Adven

What to do when you experience dryness in New! 2020-11-27 00:00:05When you are stuck in the spiritual life, try these helpful tips. What to do when you experience dryness in meditation

10 Reasons Popes Francis and Benedict love the New! 2020-11-27 00:00:03This tradition is anything but mere decoration. 10 Reasons Popes Francis and Benedict love the Christmas crib

The beautiful spiritual traditions behind the Aran sweater New! 2020-11-27 00:00:00Many are linked to the Christian faith. The beautiful spiritual traditions behind the Aran sweater

Pasta is delivered for “the pope’s poor” 2020-11-26 18:27:36Groups in southern part of country seek to help those hit hardest by COVID pandemic Pasta is delivered for “the pope’s poor”

Nick Thomm, former producer at Ave Maria Radio, 2020-11-26 18:22:29Brain cancer silences voice from Al Kresta show. Nick Thomm, former producer at Ave Maria Radio, dies at 41

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Why I Sued Governor Cuomo For the Right 2020-11-24 06:00:00In October, the state of New York ordered a new round of severe COVID-19 restrictions that infringe on the right to the free exercise of religion. As

Christianity and the Future of American Conservatism 2020-11-23 10:30:00One day last year, on a trip to Washington, D.C., I visited two museums: the National Gallery of Art and the Museum of the Bible. These two museums si

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The Battle to Free the Mass 2020-11-22 06:00:00This year, Americans have endured not only the intertwined economic, health, and political crises of the COVID-19 pandemic, but also a deep spiritual

The Mass Is the First Necessity 2020-11-20 12:40:00When Pope St. John Paul II appeared on the balcony of St. Peter’s after his election, his words to the crowd were, “Be not afraid.”

Evangelical Cosmopolitanism 2020-11-20 06:00:00Paul’s lament at the beginning of Romans 9 is a shock: “I have great sorrow and unceasing grief in my heart . . . for my brethren, my kins

Christian Witness from the Cultural Margins 2020-11-19 10:30:00In the last century, our social order has been radically desacralized. Theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer described this as a “world come of age,&

How Pro-Life Presidents Should Defend the Unborn 2020-11-19 06:00:00For years the pro-life movement has advanced incrementally through state-level protections and judicial challenges. We have had real victories. Vice P

In Memoriam: Bill Eerdmans (1923–2020) 2020-11-18 13:15:00William B. Eerdmans Jr.  passed away on November 13, 2020. This reflection is excerpted from an article originally posted at Eerdword . I once

Hard Lessons of the McCarrick Affair 2020-11-18 06:00:00From the day it was announced that the Vatican would conduct an investigation into the career of former Washington cardinal-archbishop Theodore McCarr

After the McCarrick Report 2020-11-17 06:00:00With the release of the so-called “McCarrick Report,” this brutal, bizarre year has a new low point. Many priests have already begun whisp

Answering the Psalmist 2020-11-17 06:00:00Toward the end of the 2015 synod of bishops in Rome, delegates were invited to submit possible themes for the next such gathering, set for 2018. As pa

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Pope Francis: Avoid the temptation of seeking ‘utopia’ New! 2020-11-27 09:00:00Vatican City, Nov 27, 2020 / 07:00 am (CNA).- In a video message to a Catholic social doctrine conference on Thursday, Pope Francis said that remember

Cardinal Schönborn deplores attack on rabbi in Vienna New! 2020-11-27 08:00:00CNA Staff, Nov 27, 2020 / 06:00 am (CNA).- Cardinal Christoph Schönborn deplored Friday an attack on a rabbi in the Austrian capital, Vienna.&nbs

Vatican dicastery urges youngsters to share wisdom of New! 2020-11-27 07:00:00Vatican City, Nov 27, 2020 / 05:00 am (CNA).- A Vatican dicastery launched a new campaign Friday urging young people to share wisdom gleaned from the

'Tolton' play in spotlight as Church addresses racial New! 2020-11-27 06:00:00Denver Newsroom, Nov 27, 2020 / 04:00 am (CNA).-   During the U.S. bishops' meeting last week, Bishop Jaime Soto of Sacramento said his diocese

Supreme Court overturns NY church restrictions, Brooklyn bishop 2020-11-26 15:23:00CNA Staff, Nov 26, 2020 / 01:23 pm (CNA).-   The Supreme Court said Wednesday night that NY state restrictions  during the coronavirus pand

Vatican diplomat: Lockdowns revealed ‘glaring contradiction’ in attitudes 2020-11-26 14:00:00CNA Staff, Nov 26, 2020 / 12:00 pm (CNA).- Coronavirus lockdowns revealed a “glaring contradiction” in attitudes towards migrants, a Vatic

Warning of donor harassment, Trump administration backs foes 2020-11-26 13:01:00CNA Staff, Nov 26, 2020 / 11:01 am (CNA).- The Trump administration has asked the Supreme Court to review a challenge to a California requirement that

Cardinal Nichols urges UK government to reconsider cut 2020-11-26 12:35:00CNA Staff, Nov 26, 2020 / 10:35 am (CNA).- Cardinal Vincent Nichols urged the U.K. government Thursday to reconsider a proposed cut to its foreig

China claims papal critique over Uyghurs has 'no 2020-11-26 12:01:00CNA Staff, Nov 26, 2020 / 10:01 am (CNA).- Following Pope Francis’ mention in passing of the Uyghurs as persecuted in a new book, the Chinese fo

Bishop hopes new Italian missal will help Catholics 2020-11-26 10:40:00Rome, Italy, Nov 26, 2020 / 08:40 am (CNA).- As the Church in Italy prepares to introduce its new translation of the Roman Missal on Sunday, the bisho

Pro-life student in midwife program receives apology and 2020-11-26 09:00:00CNA Staff, Nov 26, 2020 / 07:00 am (CNA).- A pro-life undergraduate student in a midwife program has received an apology and payout after she fac

Vatican diplomat: ‘Pursuit of Truth’ necessary for inter-religious 2020-11-26 07:30:00Rome Newsroom, Nov 26, 2020 / 05:30 am (CNA).- At an event in Saudi Arabia this week, a Vatican diplomat emphasized the importance of religious freedo

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Where Caesar’s Priests Draw the Line 2020-11-24 05:10:24Canadians, unlike their feistier counterparts in the United States, tend to be law abiding, even to the point of submissiveness. Revolution was never

Trending or Tradition? 2020-11-24 05:00:36As we approach a quieter, simpler holiday season amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the Lord is giving us an opportunity to focus on what is essential: our f

Civil War Is Coming. Can We Stop It 2020-11-23 05:10:56As all the world knows, the election of 2020 was destined to be messy, as the two nations inhabiting the territory of these United States geared up fo

The Blessings—and Dangers—of Holy Communion 2020-11-23 05:00:18I once overheard in a grocery store: “Darling, not everything you want is good for you.” There it was: in one simple phrase, the wisdom of

Pope Francis Makes the Case Against Open Borders 2020-11-20 05:10:38Joe Biden, the self-declared President-Elect, is widely portrayed by the media as a “good Catholic” for his liberal position on immigratio

How Great was John Paul II? 2020-11-20 05:10:19Pope John Paul II was unquestionably the most dominant figure in Catholicism in the last quarter of the twentieth century. He loomed large over every

The War Has Only Just Begun 2020-11-20 05:00:16Columnist Damon Linker has had one of those emotional meltdowns we have come to expect from Never-Trump dead-enders. Mr. Linker has his nose out of jo

Will the Bishops Stand Up to Biden? 2020-11-20 04:30:36

A Devotion to Defend Against ‘Revolutionary Men’ 2020-11-19 05:10:54Regardless of who wins the presidency, the more “centrist” wing of the Democratic Party has taken a substantial hit in the third Congressi

France Declares War on the Mass (Again) 2020-11-19 05:00:41Thousands turned out for pro-Mass rallies in front of churches in nearly forty cities across France last Sunday, November 15. France is currently endu

The USCCB Just Showed Its Hand 2020-11-18 05:10:54The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is a bloated, corrupt organization teeming with left-wing bureaucrats who don’t have the Church’s

The U.S. Navy’s White Fragility 2020-11-18 05:00:51Implementing the Commander-in-Chief’s Executive Order on Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping, the Secretary of the Navy, on November 4, issued a


Did the Prophets Get It Wrong? Dutch Sheets 2020-11-20 16:01:11Many well-known Christian prophets in recent months declared President Donald Trump would win a second term. While some in the Church now doubt t

Christian Astronaut Victor Glover Headed to Space with 2020-11-18 12:42:24Astronaut Victor Glover is headed for a six-month stint in outer space, saying his Christian faith will help him throughout this huge assignment.

Hurricane Iota Roars onto Nicaragua as 2nd Blow 2020-11-17 20:37:32Hurricane Iota battered Nicaragua with screeching winds and pounding surf Tuesday, chasing tens of thousands of people from their homes along the same

Pompeo's Istanbul Visit Highlights Religious Freedom, Draws Rebuke 2020-11-17 17:17:27US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is drawing attention to the lack of religious freedom in Turkey. 

Iraqi Officials Say 2 Rockets Land in Baghdad's 2020-11-17 15:17:05At least two Katyusha rockets hit inside Baghdad’s heavily fortified Green Zone on Tuesday, two Iraqi officials said, wounding at least two peop

Join the Day of Prayer for Muslim-Background Believers, 2020-11-17 14:51:59One of the fastest-growing Christian communities in the world is what's known as Muslim-background believers (MBB) – those who leave Islam to f

Church of England to Debate Same-Sex Marriage; Evangelicals 2020-11-16 14:42:55The Church of England has announced that it will focus on a formal "decision-making" process in regard to the church doctrine towards sex, sexuality

100+ UK Religious Leaders Take Legal Action Over 2020-11-16 12:24:52More than 100 church leaders are taking legal action against the English and Welsh government for forcing houses of worship to cease in-person Sunday

Hurricane Iota Nearing Nicaragua as Catastrophic Cat 5 2020-11-15 15:00:46Tremendously powerful Category 5 Hurricane Iota was just off Nicaragua's Caribbean coast Monday evening and was likely to bring catastrophic damage t

Fire Damages Historic Mosque on Istanbul's Bosporus Strait 2020-11-15 11:48:57A historic wooden mosque in Istanbul caught on fire Sunday and Turkish firefighters put out the blaze, working from both land and sea.

Immigrant CEO Whose Father Survived Holocaust Sounds Alarm 2020-11-14 16:01:16An immigrant from Mexico whose father survived the Holocaust, Daniel Lubetzky has a deep appreciation for the American political system. But now, he&r

Raising the Stakes for the Gospel in Iran 2020-11-14 07:43:12The stakes for being an “underground” follower of Jesus in the Islamic Republic of Iran get riskier and riskier.


If You Enjoy 1P5, Please Support Our Work! 2020-11-20 16:46:27In a recent letter, a reader writes in reference to our feature, No More Platitudes: It’s Time to Take a Hard Look at the Crisis of Catholi

Catholicism and the Philosophy of Nassim Taleb 2020-11-20 15:18:54A good Orthodox Presbyterian friend of mine and I like to spar back and forth about the faith, to talk about raising our kids rightly in the eyes of G

SSPX Statement on the Morality of Proposed COVID 2020-11-20 14:01:54Much of the 1P5 audience, I suspect is quite wary of taking any of the proposed COVID vaccines. There are any number of pragmatic concerns, not least

Young People Crave Truth That Only Traditional Catholicism 2020-11-19 18:10:15By Ben Hachten As I was reading the comments (I know, never do that) of my recent article in The American Conservative, It’s Not Your Father&rsq

The Fall of a Nation 2020-11-18 17:29:28We live in tumultuous times, and one has to be true to reality that the confusion, silence, and lack of leadership from within the Church, and most es

“The People”: Sheep and Feathers 2020-11-18 14:40:18Without a doubt, the United States of America in 2020 is showing the world what a “republic” looks like when it degenerates into democracy

The Origin of Moral Calamity 2020-11-17 18:45:07Agere sequitur esse—What you do follows upon what you are.    Let us resolve to be who we should be, know what we should know, and do

“Building Back Better” – The Buzzword Code Phrase 2020-11-17 13:51:49A couple weeks ago, I did a podcast on the so-called “Great Reset,” which I admitted to having learned about from Archbishop Vigano in his

Antonio Socci: Benedict XVI Warns of a New 2020-11-16 18:26:32First published at Libero, 15 November 2020 Last May there was controversy over the anticipation of some statements made by Benedict XVI to Peter Seew

Terminally-Ill Priest Warns: COVID Is Being Used by 2020-11-16 14:32:14By Fr. Dana Christensen About a year ago, I was diagnosed with ALS, commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. It has already taken much from me, l

Every 250 Years the Church Faces Certain Destruction 2020-11-13 16:51:03In my study of history, I’ve noticed a few patterns. One of these is the cycle of impossible situations. It seems that about every ten generatio

Archbishop Viganò Responds In-Depth to the McCarrick Report 2020-11-13 00:01:31  INTERVIEW BY RAYMOND ARROYO, EWTN TO ARCHBISHOP CARLO MARIA VIGANÒ November 12, 2020    Your Excellency, the report claims you


Italian-American Vatican diplomat to be made a cardinal New! 2020-11-27 07:17:05Italian-born Cardinal-designate Silvano Tomasi describes himself as "one of those 40 million Americans who were born outside the United States, but a

Italian cardinal-designate got start on Rome’s rough streets New! 2020-11-27 07:09:36Cardinal-designate Paolo Lojudice's work in Rome's rough outskirts earned him such titles as "street priest," "bishop of the Roma" community, an

Italian cardinal-designate says he’s simply a pastor New! 2020-11-27 07:03:45"I am a pastor," Cardinal-designate Enrico Feroci, 80, said after Pope Francis announced he would make him a cardinal. "I hope to continue being a

Cardinal-designate Gambetti studied engineering, then became a friar New! 2020-11-27 06:48:46Although he had a degree in mechanical engineering, Cardinal-designate Mauro Gambetti decided to dedicate his life's journey to a different kind of b

Chile’s cardinal appointment coincides with country’s political change New! 2020-11-27 06:35:17Cardinal-designate Celestino Aós Braco will take on his new role at one of the most critical times for Chile and its church in the past three d

England’s bishops ‘delighted’ over resumption of public worship 2020-11-26 05:46:02England’s Catholic bishops say they are “delighted” that public worship will resume when the national COVID-19 lockdown expires on D

Cyprus Orthodox Church backs Ukrainian Church’s independence 2020-11-26 03:43:22The Cypriot Orthodox Church’s top decision-making body on Wednesday backed the Archbishop’s move to effectively recognize the new Ukrainia

Supreme Court rules against NY coronavirus restrictions 2020-11-26 03:39:04As coronavirus cases surge again nationwide the Supreme Court late Wednesday barred New York from enforcing certain limits on attendance at churches a

‘Make space at the table’: Pope urges valuing, 2020-11-26 03:32:37Pope Francis admits he is not an economist, but he is a pastor.

Catholic dioceses cope with new limits as virus 2020-11-26 03:25:21As the number of COVID-19 cases rises dramatically in the U.S., Canada and around the world, government officials almost universally have returned to

Indian state outlaws religious conversion by marriage 2020-11-25 06:53:46India’s ruling Hindu nationalist party has approved legislation in the country’s most populous state that lays out a prison term of up to

Use of Pfizer, Moderna COVID-19 vaccines is morally 2020-11-25 06:52:02While confusion has arisen in recent days in the media over "the moral permissibility" of using the COVID-19 vaccines just announced by Pfizer Inc.


Food banks do their best to help families 2020-11-24 16:50:48Going hungry is bad enough at any time, but at Thanksgiving, a holiday built around enjoying the fruits of a bountiful harvest, being hungry can be ex

Use of Pfizer, Moderna COVID-19 vaccines is morally 2020-11-24 16:44:01While confusion has arisen in recent days in the media over "the moral permissibility" of using the COVID-19 vaccines just announced by Pfizer Inc.

Thanksgiving. Advent. Christmas. 2021. 2020-11-24 14:48:03Have you noticed Christmas decorations going up in your neighborhood early this year? Perhaps you are among those who took advantage of the warm weath

Reasons to be grateful during a time of 2020-11-24 14:06:00November is often referred to as Gratitude Month. Perhaps because this is the month in which we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, we place more emph

A better future: U.S. young adults join peers 2020-11-23 18:47:56Faith and finishing his doctorate in economics are big parts of Sergio Barrera's life, and he was looking for a way to bring them together.

‘Make space at the table’: Pope urges valuing, 2020-11-23 17:49:08Pope Francis admits he is not an economist, but he is a pastor.

Pope, in new book, talks about personal ‘lockdowns’ 2020-11-23 17:43:29While the coronavirus lockdowns and restrictions have interrupted people's lives and brought suffering on a global scale, every individual -- includi

Catholic dioceses cope with new limits as virus 2020-11-23 17:37:23As the number of COVID-19 cases rises dramatically in the U.S., Canada and around the world, government officials almost universally have returned to

Children with disabilities may face stigma, but nun 2020-11-23 17:00:49A Nigerian nun working in Ghana urged parents of children with disabilities to see their situation as gift from God and not a curse.

Pope meets with NBA players’ union delegation at 2020-11-23 15:17:51A delegation representing the National Basketball Players Association, a union representing professional athletes from the NBA, met with Pope Francis

Archbishop Hebda to priests, faithful: Amid COVID surge, 2020-11-20 16:20:11Catholic parishes should focus on ministries “truly essential to our mission” and consider postponing in-person parish meetings, groups or

After 10 years as rector, Father Becker reflects 2020-11-20 14:53:03Father Michael Becker, rector the last 10 years at St. John Vianney College Seminary in St. Paul, said that as he prepares to leave the seminary at th

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C.S. Lewis, Langston Hughes, & the Haunting of 2020-11-22 17:00:35All nations need reminders that even their best ideals, though worth defending, do not earn them chosen nation status. Reading C.S. Lewis’ &ldqu

Globalitarianism: Goliath vs. the People 2020-11-22 16:59:45The unequal clash between Big Power and the little man sounds daunting, but empires come and go. Goliaths are slain. Or more often they kill themselve

“Cain” 2020-11-22 15:00:25The dead fire on the altar seems to live, The smoke seems yet to sting my downcast eyes That look upon the hands none can forgive Long as the blood th

“Saint Cecilia Mass” 2020-11-21 21:00:25St. Cecilia Mass is the common name of a solemn mass in G major by Charles Gounod, composed in 1855 and scored for three soloists, mixed choir, orches

Prayer, Beauty, and Civilization 2020-11-21 17:00:54In our zeal to articulate how Christianity has shaped civilization, we are apt to neglect the specific role of prayer. The good, the true, and the bea

The Southern (Catholic) Tradition 2020-11-21 17:00:52Part of the South’s charm is an ability to recognize the good, true, and beautiful in traditions other than its principally Protestant identity

“Nothing Gold Can Stay” 2020-11-21 12:30:11Nature’s first green is gold, Her hardest hue to hold. Her early leaf’s a flower; But only so an hour. Then leaf subsides to leaf. So Eden

Signing of the Mayflower Compact 2020-11-20 16:00:53In the name of God, amen. We whose names are under written… [h]aving undertaken for the Glory of God, and advancement of the christian [sic] fa

“Fidelio” 2020-11-20 15:00:37Fidelio, originally titled Leonore, oder Der Triumph der ehelichen Liebe (Leonore, or The Triumph of Marital Love), Op. 72, is Ludwig van Beethoven's

Exiting Big Tech 2020-11-19 17:01:59Big Tech want to impose upon us all a kind of insane and inhumane conformity. Yet, the critical point is that they do not impose themselves upon us as

The Legend of the Fog 2020-11-19 17:00:24Part of the modernist mythos has been the idea that historical clarity increases exponentially the closer one gets to one’s own time. The myth t

Come, Let Us Reason Together 2020-11-19 12:00:40If we followed the crowd, we would tell you, our readers: "This is our most crucial year, a turning point in our journal's history. Without your imm

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THE GREAT RESET: From Bergoglio to Biden New! 2020-11-26 20:26:15New from Remnant TV... In this episode of The Editor’s Desk, Michael J. Matt reports on the world premier of Pope Francis’ Economy Frances

Election 2020: Our Greatest Thanksgiving 2020-11-26 10:56:23Are we worse off now than we were on Thanksgiving Day of 2019? Since then, we have encountered COVID-19 with the associated lockdowns and other anti-h

RESIST: Michael Matt Addresses Lockdown Rally 2020-11-22 23:17:48New from Remnant TV... The day after Governor Tim Walz announced new lockdowns in the state of Minnesota, Michael Matt address the "Stuff Your Mandat

TRANSHUMANISM: Biden's Plan for America 2020-11-20 19:28:34New from Remnant TV... In this week's "Editor's Desk", Michael J. Matt discusses the moral breakdown in America which renders democracy a practica

ELECTION 2020: America’s Vatican II Moment 2020-11-18 15:03:08What do the circumstances surrounding the Mueller Report tell us about the importance of safeguarding the presidential election process? If we as a na

Remnant TV Producer Gets COVID 2020-11-15 17:53:54New from Remnant TV... In this RTV Special Report, Michael Matt reveals that COVID has been contracted not only by his own brother-in-law but also by

TRUMPING BIDEN: Soros, Davos & the Logos 2020-11-13 18:31:42New from Remnant TV... From the Editor's Desk, Michael J. Matt considers the good, bad and ugly fallout from Election 2020. Here's something: Why di

ARCHBISHOP CARLO MARIA VIGANÒ Interviewed by Raymond Arroyo 2020-11-12 21:38:34November 12, 2020 RA: Your Excellency, the report claims you “did not come forward” to present evidence for this Vatican inquiry: were you

ELECTION FIASCO 2020: A Gift From Hell Below 2020-11-11 23:21:04New from RTV... In this Sunday Sermon from So. St. Paul, Father comments on Election Fiasco 2020, arguing that the cheating, lying and fraud going on

Viganò on the McCarrick Report: "The Vatican fiction 2020-11-10 12:16:13Today the official Report of the Holy See regarding the McCarrick case has been made public. Before I express myself on its merit, I will take time to

Viganò on Biden, the American Bishops, Fr. James 2020-11-08 18:19:05The world in which we find ourselves living is, to use an expression from the Gospel, “in se divisum” (Mt 12:25). This division, it seems

TRUMP 2020: Democracy in Chaos 2020-11-05 00:03:48New from Remnant TV...In this late-night edition of The Editor's Desk, Michael J. Matt offers post-election day commentary on the vote, the cheating

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Advent: A Time of Awareness New! 2020-11-27 07:01:07Our Gospel passage (Mark 13:33-37) for this First Sunday of Advent reminds me of my dad and his job as cabinetmaker. In his capacity as senior ca

Jordan Peterson’s Message on Gratitude is More Important 2020-11-26 13:07:57Around Thanksgiving, many of us try to pause and reflect on the things we are grateful for in our lives. Gratitude doesn’t come easy for humans,

Touching the Face of God 2020-11-25 14:21:17About thirty years ago a U.S. Marine named Jim was given leave for ten days, and he was inspired to go to India in hopes of meeting and assisting Moth

God’s Breath of Love 2020-11-25 04:31:31The North American singer and songwriter, Bart Millard, said: “As long as there’s breath in our lungs our story is still being written.&rd

The Polish-Australian Legacy of Saint JP2 2020-11-24 05:00:00Given that 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of St. John Paul II, local Catholics are reflecting on a Pope who still remains a “spir

The Root Cause of Our Division 2020-11-22 07:30:25There is a lot of talk these days about ending the division in the United States. People on both sides of the political aisle are leading the discussi

Two Things About Kingship 2020-11-21 05:00:00The readings for the feast of Christ the King teach us two things about kingship. First, the king is the sovereign ruler and second, the king is

Christianity 101 2020-11-20 04:39:15Throughout the liturgical year we reflect on a variety of topics being presented and explained for our spiritual wellness and God’s glory. On th

Share the Truth 2020-11-18 16:58:06Praise the Lord, now and forever! I am extremely excited because I know that God is in charge and He is blessing us with every spiritual gift in

Challenges Lead to Blessings 2020-11-17 05:02:32Life often involves risks and taking chances; this can be true both in important things and unimportant matters. As an example of something many

Canonizing Joe Biden 2020-11-14 18:19:59Canonizing Joe Biden? I know my Republican friends will think this is a misprint. A week or so ago I would have thought the same thing. I regarded Bid

Our Creative Choices 2020-11-13 05:30:38The last several Sundays we were given choices. They were all choices between self-fulfillment and Life on the one side AND self-destruction and death

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Freedom and Spiritual Inheritance 2020-11-26 00:02:33Fulton J. Sheen: We must not become forgetful of our stewardship before the Eternal Judge or selfishly separated from family and nation.

Arch Gregory: I’ll give Biden Communion 2020-11-26 00:01:59Archbishop Wilton Gregory’s comment is sure to raise questions about the Church’s pro-life witness. But for some Catholics, the remark...

Papal criticism irks China 2020-11-26 00:01:44China criticized Pope Francis on Tuesday over a passage in his new book in which he mentions suffering by China’s...

Proclamation for Thanksgiving Day 1963 2020-11-26 00:01:43Over three centuries ago, our forefathers in Virginia and in Massachusetts, far from home in a lonely wilderness, set aside...

Jesus’ childhood home discovered? 2020-11-26 00:01:34In a new book, The Sisters of Nazareth Convent: A Roman-period, Byzantine and Crusader site in central Nazareth, Professor Ken...

“Given,” as in a gift 2020-11-26 00:01:23The season of Thanksgiving is formally for the harvest; for our family drawn together in its receipt. The old and...

Christian Gratitude 2020-11-25 00:02:16Stephen P. White: Resignation to the futility of righting worldly difficulties is akin to despair, but also the beginning of the way to hope.

Brooklyn bishop: Why I sued Gov. Cuomo 2020-11-25 00:01:44“At issue is the fact that the state does not consider church an essential service. But the practice of one’s...

Mass restrictions: tip of the iceberg 2020-11-25 00:01:43Limits on attendance at church services during the pandemic may seem reasonable, but not for Catholics for whom access to...

Santa Cruz nixes mission bell: it’s “triggering” 2020-11-25 00:01:37In a Nov. 18 recommendation to the city council, the Historic Preservation Commission wrote that some California indigenous peoples view...

Francesco’s Economy of Poverty 2020-11-24 00:02:52Michael Pakaluk: A recent Vatican economic confab offers us simply poverty, and – for young people, who were its emphasis – no Savior.

Court allows Tennessee abortion ban 2020-11-24 00:01:59A three-judge panel of the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled 2-1 that a part of the state’s abortion law...

Catholic World Report

Bishop hopes new Italian missal will help Catholics 2020-11-26 10:40:00Rome, Italy, Nov 26, 2020 / 08:40 am (CNA).- As the Church in Italy prepares to introduce its new translation of the Roman Missal on Sunday, the bisho

Pro-life student in midwife program receives apology and 2020-11-26 09:00:00CNA Staff, Nov 26, 2020 / 07:00 am (CNA).- A pro-life undergraduate student in a midwife program has received an apology and payout after she fac

Vatican diplomat: ‘Pursuit of Truth’ necessary for inter-religious 2020-11-26 07:30:00Rome Newsroom, Nov 26, 2020 / 05:30 am (CNA).- At an event in Saudi Arabia this week, a Vatican diplomat emphasized the importance of religious freedo

Catholic bishops appeal for ‘peaceful solution’ to crisis 2020-11-26 06:35:00CNA Staff, Nov 26, 2020 / 04:35 am (CNA).- The Catholic bishops of Belarus appealed Wednesday for a “peaceful solution” to the crisis that

New history of Catholics in the United States 2020-11-25 19:14:16Dr. Kevin Starr (1940-2017) was an amazingly prolific, talented, and innovative historian. His books on California, especially the five-volume Califor

Kentucky dioceses keep Masses open despite governor’s request 2020-11-25 18:54:32CNA Staff, Nov 25, 2020 / 03:00 pm (CNA).- Kentucky’s four Catholic dioceses will not suspend public Masses despite the governor’s request

Thanksgiving with the Saints 2020-11-25 18:43:32It is of course right and proper to keep Christ in Christmas, but can it be right and proper to introduce the saints into Thanksgiving? Isn’t Th

Bishop urges prayer after Diego Maradona’s death 2020-11-25 18:40:00CNA Staff, Nov 25, 2020 / 04:40 pm (CNA).- Argentine soccer legend Diego Maradona died Wednesday after suffering a heart attack at the age of 60. Mara

Pandemic conditions have increased Christian persecution 2020-11-25 18:00:00Washington, D.C. Newsroom, Nov 25, 2020 / 04:00 pm (CNA).- The coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated Christian persecution in some places, according to

It is bleak in weird London—but there are 2020-11-25 17:09:00At London’s Waterloo station the announcements have a ritual lilt: “You must wear a face-covering unless you are exempt…stay safe&h

Ransomware attack cripples St. Louis archdiocesan websites 2020-11-25 16:00:00CNA Staff, Nov 25, 2020 / 02:00 pm (CNA).-   A ransomware attack crippled the websites of the Archdiocese of St. Louis last week, but data has

Priest jailed for theft blames Catholic doctrine, also 2020-11-25 14:20:00Denver Newsroom, Nov 25, 2020 / 12:20 pm (CNA).- A South Dakota priest has been sentenced to almost eight years in federal prison, after he was convic

The Arlington Catholic

Fr. Grinnell donates a kidney to a stranger 2020-11-23 00:00:00Father Horace H. “Tuck” Grinnell, retired pastor of St. Peter Church in Washington, donates a kidney to a stranger in need. 

Catholic Charities Mother of Mercy Free Medical Clinic 2020-11-23 00:00:00While continuing to offer telemedicine, the Mother of Mercy Free Medical Clinic in Woodbridge opened its doors to patients for prenatal and primary ca

Dead Sea Scrolls shed light on the world 2020-11-21 00:00:00Despite the sensational and controversial way the Dead Sea Scrolls are sometimes presented in the media, the scrolls found in 1946 and 1947 in caves e

Dominican sister shot, injured delivering food in southern 2020-11-20 00:00:00MEXICO CITY — A Dominican sister was shot in the leg as her humanitarian relief team came under gunfire from paramilitaries in Mexico's souther

Bishop Burbidge appoints new CEO/President for diocesan Catholic 2020-11-20 00:00:00After a thorough search process and prayerful discernment, I am pleased to announce that I have appointed Mr. Stephen Carattini President and CEO for

Mass celebrates Fr. Michael Dobbins’ ‘full and joyful’ 2020-11-20 00:00:00A multitude of family, fellow priests and parishioners gathered both in person and via livestream Nov. 20 at Sacred Heart of Jesus Church in Wincheste

Lights! Camera! Plenary!: What goes into planning an 2020-11-20 00:00:00WASHINGTON — There's a theater adage that if you have a lousy dress rehearsal, you're likely to have a great performance.

Majority of cardinals-designate expected to attend consistory 2020-11-20 00:00:00VATICAN CITY — Despite quickly shifting travel restrictions in place during the global pandemic, the majority of cardinals-designate were planni

New principal for diocesan virtual school 2020-11-19 00:00:00Kristie Meyers, curriculum coordinator at St. Bernadette School in Springfield, is the new principal of St. Isidore of Seville Diocesan Virtual School

Msgr. Robert Avella, first priest ordained for the 2020-11-19 00:00:00Msgr. Robert E. Avella, the first priest ordained for the newly formed (1974) Diocese of Arlington, died Nov. 18 of cancer. He was 71.

Mary shows how to turn fear into invitation 2020-11-18 00:00:00VATICAN CITY -- There is no better way to pray than like Mary, who opened her heart to God with humility and trust, Pope Francis said.

UPDATE: In virtual meeting, Bishops focus on McCarrick 2020-11-18 00:00:00WASHINGTON — The two days of the virtual assembly of the U.S. Catholic bishops, Nov. 16-17, initially included discussion of the Vatican re


Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler Donates Her Salary to 2020-11-25 17:14:35The way that U.S. Sen. Kelly Loeffler of Georgia spends her money tells voters a lot about her character and priorities. Over the past year, Loeffler,

San Diego Church Asks Supreme Court to Stop 2020-11-25 16:57:05Attorneys from the Thomas More Society filed a Petition for Writ of Certiorari Before Judgment with the United States Supreme Court in a federal relig

Man Who Raped His 11-Year-Old Daughter and Took 2020-11-25 16:41:45A West Virginia man who was convicted in the rape of an 11-year-old girl who was forced to abort her unborn baby will be released on probation this fa

Nevada Judge Will Let Trump Campaign Present Evidence 2020-11-25 16:09:11In a legal victory for the Trump campaign, a Nevada judge has agreed to let President Donald Trump’s campaign present its evidence of fraud and

Abortions in the U.S. Hit All-Time Low, More 2020-11-25 14:59:53Americans have another reason to give thanks this week. A new report from the Centers for Disease Control shows abortions have once again hit an all-t

Pope Francis Opposes Argentina Bill Legalizing Abortions: Don’t 2020-11-25 13:39:24Pope Francis, answering the pleas of Argentine women who are fighting for the rights of unborn babies, wrote a public letter to his home country this

Animal Rights Group Demands Court Declare an Elephant 2020-11-24 17:55:24An animal rights group wants a New York state appeals court to declare an elephant to be a legal person under the law. Meanwhile, unborn babies in New

Pennsylvania, Michigan and Arizona Legislatures Will Hold Hearings 2020-11-24 17:26:55Three state legislatures will hold hearings on election fraud after all three states came under fire for potential election fraud and illegal voting t

New Catholic Cardinal: I Will Give Joe Biden 2020-11-24 16:27:34In a controversial statement, the new Catholic cardinal of Washington, D.C. said he will not stop Joe Biden from receiving communion despite his plans

Abortionist Surrenders His Medical License, He Can Never 2020-11-24 15:31:12A dangerous California abortionist who was responsible for hospitalizing six women with life-threatening complications within a nine-month period of t

17% of Biden Voters Would Not Have Voted 2020-11-24 13:46:16The left-wing news media didn’t just poison the information environment with their incessantly negative coverage of President Trump going into t

Record-Breaking 22-Week-Old Premature Baby Weighing Only One Pound 2020-11-24 13:04:05One Michigan family will have a special holiday season with their little girl.  Baby Harper Rose Shultz who was born weighing a mere 11 ounces su

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