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IRIS Captures First-Ever Clear Images of Nanojets in New! 2020-09-22 15:58:56The solar corona, the outermost part of the Sun’s atmosphere, is shaped and mysteriously heated to millions of degrees by the magnetic field of

Spinosaurus aegyptiacus Had Aquatic Lifestyle, Fossil Discovery Confirms New! 2020-09-22 13:37:10The remarkably high abundance of the teeth of the giant dinosaur Spinosaurus aegyptiacus, compared to the dental remains of terrestrial dinosaurs and

OSIRIS-REx Finds Fragments of Minor Planet Vesta on New! 2020-09-22 12:09:57In 2019, scientists from the OSIRIS-REx team discovered several unusually bright boulders on the surface of near-Earth asteroid Bennu in images acquir

Astrophysicists Suggest New Way to Detect Stellar-Mass Black 2020-09-22 11:23:51An analysis of archival X-ray data from NASA’s Rossi X-Ray Timing Explorer has revealed a clear separation between the characteristics of stella

New Research Illuminates Dominant Functions of Sleep and 2020-09-22 10:31:46Before the age of 2 or 3 years, the human brain grows very rapidly and, during REM sleep, is busy building and strengthening synapses. After 2 or 3 ye

Ultraviolet Aurora Spotted on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko 2020-09-21 14:45:35Using data from several instruments aboard ESA’s Rosetta mission, researchers have found evidence of far-ultraviolet aurora on comet 67P/Churyum

Astronomers Find Two Massive Exoplanets in Nearby Binary 2020-09-21 12:51:54Astronomers have discovered two planets orbiting a bright dwarf star in the binary stellar system Gliese 414. Gliese 414 is located approximately 39 l

120,000-Year-Old Human Footprints Found in Saudi Arabia 2020-09-21 11:27:09An international team of archaeologists and paleoanthropologists has found ancient human and animal footprints on the surface of an ancient lakebed in

Cassini Finds Fresh Ice in Northern Hemisphere of 2020-09-21 08:38:11Spectral data gathered by the Visual and Infrared Mapping Spectrometer (VIMS) onboard NASA’s Cassini spacecraft provide strong evidence that the

Hubble Spots Dark Matter-Rich Spiral Galaxy 2020-09-21 05:38:06Astronomers using the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope have captured a striking new photo of an unusual spiral galaxy called NGC 5585. NGC 5585 is loca

Astronomers Precisely Measure Distance to Magnetar 2020-09-18 15:38:17Using NSF’s Very Long Baseline Array, an international team of astronomers has made the direct geometric measurement of the distance to XTE J181

Little Ice Age Triggered by Arctic Sea Ice 2020-09-18 14:02:32The Little Ice Age, a period of global cooling that lasted from the early 14th century to the mid-19th century, was triggered by an exceptionally larg

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3 Ways to Help Save Monarch Butterflies and 2020-09-18 17:00:00Monarchs face an uncertain future. Their numbers have plummeted in recent decades. Here are some ways you can help.

Tequila Might Make You Do Crazy Things — 2020-09-18 15:10:00Science says you can't blame your bad behavior on your beverage of choice.

Cancer Is on the Rise Among Young People 2020-09-18 12:45:00Over the past decade, cancers associated with obesity show some of the most troubling increases affecting young adults and adolescents.

Astronomers Spy Phosphine on Venus, a Potential Sign 2020-09-18 01:00:00On Earth, the toxic gas is produced by microbial life. Could the same be true on Venus? Now, the debate begins.

Best Keto Diet Pills Review: Top BHB Ketone 2020-09-18 01:00:00

Peak BioBoost Reviews - Does This Prebiotic Fiber 2020-09-18 01:00:00

Peak BioBoost Review: Best Prebiotic Supplement Ingredients 2020-09-18 01:00:00

Ancient Pumpkins Were Nothing Like the Fall Fruit 2020-09-17 19:35:00The pumpkin in our pies and lattes was one of the first plants cultivated by prehistoric North Americans some 10,000 years ago.

Is 99 Degrees Considered a Fever? 2020-09-17 17:30:00If you've ever found yourself wondering whether a thermometer reading means you're sick, you're not alone.

ProMind Complex Reviews - Proven Supplement Ingredients 2020-09-17 01:00:00

Best CBD Oil Reviews – Top 15 CBD 2020-09-17 01:00:00If you're looking for an all-natural fix to ailments such as insomnia, pain relief, anxiety, and many more then this is a must-read. We have a list o

The Curious Question of Life on Venus 2020-09-16 09:45:00Venus should be a priority for future visits, but not because of the surprising discovery of a biomarker in its atmosphere this week.

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Covid-19 Live Updates: U.K. Moves to Impose Harsher 2020-09-20 08:48:52Serious breaches of coronavirus restrictions could be punished with penalties of more than $10,000 as the British government tries to avoid another na

AstraZeneca Releases Blueprints for Virus Vaccine Trial Amid 2020-09-20 08:45:34A surge of infections in the Southwest and the Midwest is partly driving an uptick in cases nationally. The eight remaining members of the Supreme Cou

How California Became Ground Zero for Climate Disasters 2020-09-20 05:00:12The engineering and land management that enabled the state’s tremendous growth have left it more vulnerable to climate shocks — and those

The Pros and Cons of Being a Hammerhead 2020-09-20 05:00:10A new study suggests that the ocean’s strangest-looking headgear is difficult to tote around.

AstraZeneca, Under Fire for Vaccine Safety, Releases Trial 2020-09-19 19:49:08Experts are concerned that the company has not been more forthcoming about two participants who became seriously ill after getting its experimental va

John Najarian, Pioneering Transplant Surgeon, Dies at 92 2020-09-19 16:23:30He was known for taking on difficult cases, many involving children. An anti-rejection drug he developed led to a scandal, but he was vindicated.

Capturing the Faces of Climate Migration 2020-09-19 12:17:47A Times Magazine series examines how climate change will force millions worldwide to move. Recently, Meridith Kohut photographed people on the front l

Mount Wilson Observatory, Icon of Cosmology, 'Declared Safe' 2020-09-19 12:00:35The birthplace of modern cosmology “has been declared safe” from the wildfires that have ravaged the surrounding area in Southern Californ

After Criticism, C.D.C. Reverses Covid-19 Guidelines on Testing 2020-09-19 08:39:40President Trump acknowledged that an authorized vaccine for “every American” may not be distributed until next year. An Iranian official s

In South Korea, Covid-19 Comes With Another Risk: 2020-09-19 05:00:20The country’s extensive response has been praised around the world but has led to harassment and slander, raising questions about privacy protec

On Venus, Cloudy With a Chance of Microbial 2020-09-19 05:00:19Astrobiologists shift their gaze, and speculations, to Earth’s broiling sister planet.

Sometimes Food Fights Back 2020-09-18 11:50:17When a species of microalgae gets inside a zooplankton that feeds on it, it smothers the grazer’s eggs and disrupts reproduction.

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Is rheumatoid arthritis two different diseases? New! 2020-09-22 14:43:27While disease activity improves over time for most rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients, long-term outcomes only improve in RA patients with autoantibod

Nationwide study shows disparities in COVID-19 infection for New! 2020-09-22 14:43:25A study of around 5.8 million people who receive care from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) found that Black and Hispanic people

Animals lose fear of predators rapidly after they New! 2020-09-22 14:43:23Most wild animals show a suite of predator avoidance behaviors such as vigilance, freezing, and fleeing. But these are quickly reduced after the anima

Who's Tweeting about scientific research? And why? New! 2020-09-22 14:43:21Although Twitter is best known for its role in political and cultural discourse, it has also become an increasingly vital tool for scientific communic

Small increase in risk of autism seen for New! 2020-09-22 14:43:19A study of more than 3.5 million Nordic children suggests that the risk of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) may increase slightly for each week a child

Test, isolate, communicate: Keys to controlling a COVID-19 New! 2020-09-22 13:57:55A new study reveals the role that communication played in quashing a COVID-19 outbreak at a long-term care facility.

COVID-19 mortality rates higher among men than women New! 2020-09-22 13:57:51A new review article shows people who are biologically male are dying from COVID-19 at a higher rate than people who are biologically female.

UV-C light is effective for killing COVID-19 on New! 2020-09-22 13:57:49Researchers have demonstrated that certain N95 respirators tainted with COVID-19 can be effectively and safely decontaminated for reuse using ultravio

Most infants are well even when moms are New! 2020-09-22 13:54:31Infants born to women with COVID-19 showed few adverse outcomes, according to new research. The study suggests that babies born to mothers infected wi

Inducing plasma in biomass could make biogas easier 2020-09-22 11:23:07Producing biogas from the bacterial breakdown of biomass presents options for a greener energy future, but the complex composition of biomass comes wi

Evaporation critical to coronavirus transmission as weather changes 2020-09-22 11:23:04As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, it is increasingly urgent to understand how climate impacts the spread of the coronavirus, particularly as winter

ADHD study reveals unique genetic differences in African 2020-09-22 11:23:01Researchers have shown there may be key genetic differences in the causes of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) between African Americans

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Science News from around the World New! 2020-09-22 14:55:00Here are some brief reports about science and technology from all over, including one from Israel about what DNA reveals about the Dead Sea Scrolls&rs

How Justice Ginsburg's Death Could Affect Future Climate New! 2020-09-22 12:45:00Legal experts say a sixth conservative Supreme Court judge could imperil current and future emissions regulations -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.c

The Next Administration Must Get Science and Technology 2020-09-22 12:00:00This was evident even before the pandemic descended; it’s even more crucial now -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com

U.S. National Academy of Sciences Can Kick Out 2020-09-22 11:30:00The NAS says that no one has used the complaint system put in place last year, even though several academy members are known sexual harassers -- Read

The Most Vulnerable Ransomware Targets Are the Institutions 2020-09-22 10:40:00Many vital public institutions such as hospitals and fire stations lack cybersecurity to ward off popular malware -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.c

Powerful New Observatory Will Taste Neutrinos' Flavors 2020-09-22 09:00:00The Chinese JUNO experiment will aim to answer a mystery about the particles’ mass -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com

The Masks We Wear to Survive 2020-09-22 08:00:00A gay, African-American physician relied on personas to endure his medical training -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com

We Must Confront Anti-Asian Racism in Science 2020-09-22 07:00:00It existed before the pandemic, but COVID-19 has made it worse -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com

3-D Printing inside the Body Could Patch Stomach 2020-09-22 06:45:00In vivo bioprinting might also help repair hernias and treat infertility -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com

How Ginsburg's Death Threatens the Affordable Care Act 2020-09-21 12:15:00As the Trump administration eyes a speedy replacement, the court will hear a case against the health care law a week after the election -- Read more o

The Quantum Butterfly Noneffect 2020-09-21 12:00:00A familiar concept from chaos theory turns out to work differently in the quantum world -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com

Mining Rare-Earth Elements from Fossilized Fish 2020-09-21 07:00:00Strange as it might seem, a 2,500-square-kilometer zone south of one tiny Pacific island could supply four substances that are crucial to modern elect

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Former Los Alamos physicist gets probation for failing 2020-09-17 12:50:00Turab Lookman had pled guilty to falsely denying contact with Thousand Talents Program

Meet the man who told Trump climate change 2020-09-17 12:15:00Wade Crowfoot is head of California’s Natural Resources Agency

Trials begin for a new weapon against Parkinson’s: 2020-09-17 12:00:00Patients report benefits, but how near-infrared protects brain cells is unclear, and some scientists are skeptical

Pandemic inspires new push to shrink jails and 2020-09-17 10:15:00Researchers explore health and public safety impacts of “decarceration”

These 120,000-year-old footprints offer early evidence for humans 2020-09-17 05:05:00Tracks also provide rare snapshot of ancient people interacting with animals

Ocean’s hidden heat measured with earthquake sounds 2020-09-17 02:00:00Revived technique could detect a deep-ocean signal of global warming

Performing magic for animals, and why the pandemic 2020-09-17 02:00:00On this week’s show: The threat of COVID-19 is focusing new research on decarceration, and how performing magic for animals can give insight int

Eli Lilly reports promising first results for an 2020-09-16 11:15:00More results expected soon from similar trials

‘Viking’ was a job description, not a matter 2020-09-16 11:00:00Study reveals family histories of black-haired Vikings who set forth—and died—far from home

Turkish scientists and physicians face criminal investigations after 2020-09-16 03:30:00Questioning official case numbers and warning about health worker deaths trigger accusations of “misinforming the public” and “causi

Spread of city-loving malaria mosquitoes could pose grave 2020-09-15 11:55:00Millions at risk in urban centers

After an asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs, ocean 2020-09-15 11:50:00In mineral crystals, researchers see signs of algal blooms that nourished marine life

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How the Revolutionary Thinker Alexander von Humboldt Helped 2020-09-17 14:57:46The 19th-century polymath continues to influence the Institution’s research; a major Smithsonian exhibition explains how and why

Innovative New Whale Detection System Aims to Prevent 2020-09-17 13:45:50Whale Safe launches in Southern California waters to help reduce deaths of the iconic marine mammals

A New System for Cooling Down Computers Could 2020-09-16 08:00:00A Swiss team has created tiny, fluid-filled channels in microchips to spirit away heat and save energy

Why Black, Indigenous and Other People of Color 2020-09-15 10:35:55Scholars take a deep dive into how structural racism intersects with public health

Why Birds Survived, and Dinosaurs Went Extinct, After 2020-09-15 07:54:08Paleontologists think that beaks may have given birds an advantage over other creatures

Covid-19 Has Designers Reimagining Personal Protective Equipment 2020-09-14 09:43:32The global pandemic has led to a surge in demand for PPE. Inventors have responded—with mixed results.

What the Rhythm of a Maned Wolf's Heart 2020-09-11 13:45:25Smithsonian researchers are monitoring stress rates of this keystone species for better ways to manage them

What Happens When Children's Covid-19 Symptoms Won't Go 2020-09-11 08:00:00Some parents say their kids have been sick for months, and experts aren't sure what's going on

How Cold War Politics Shaped the International Space 2020-09-09 08:00:00A brief history detailing how the United States and Russia led the effort to create the technical marvel

Top 10 Giant Panda Cub Cam Moments 2020-09-08 11:31:35Two National Zoo curators and the panda keeper journal their favorite moments of the new cub's first days

What Neuroscientists Are Discovering About Stuttering 2020-09-04 09:55:32After centuries of misunderstanding, researchers are tying the condition to genes and brain alterations.

Catherine the Great's Lost Treasure, the Rise of 2020-09-04 07:00:00These five September releases may have been lost in the news cycle

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Why is space a vacuum? 2020-09-19 07:00:59The nothingness of space is hard to wrap our heads around.

How Ruth Bader Ginsburg helped shape the modern 2020-09-18 22:03:18Before she became a Supreme Court justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s work as an attorney in the 1970s fundamentally changed the court’s approa

Coronavirus outbreak: Live updates 2020-09-18 17:08:17Among the top coronavirus news out today are: There have now been more than 30 million COVID-19 cases reported worldwide and more than 948,300 deaths.

CDC reverses controversial coronavirus testing guidelines 2020-09-18 16:37:24The guideline change comes after strong criticism from public health experts and a report that the updated guidelines were posted despite objections f

What is glyphosate? 2020-09-18 16:32:26Glyphosate is the most commonly used herbicide chemical in the world, sprayed everywhere from farms to backyards.

Scientists find 'secret molecule' that allows bacteria to 2020-09-18 13:38:01Scientists found the 'secret molecule' that allows Geobacter microbes to exhale electrons over vast distances underground

Facial reconstruction reveals Egyptian 'mummy portrait' was accurate 2020-09-18 12:57:55A CT scan of an ancient mummy shows that its "mummy portrait" was almost, but not completely accurate.

Helium-huffing alligators and reluctant hitmen win big at 2020-09-18 12:14:07Weird science took center stage at the 30th First Annual Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony.

The four most promising worlds for alien life 2020-09-18 09:08:07Venus just became a serious contender. But what are the other most promising locations for extra-terrestrial life?

Is Earth-moon space the US military's new high 2020-09-18 08:37:55U.S. military officials have increasingly flagged a new role in guarding American assets and interests in Earth-moon space.

'We just had no answers': COVID-19 'long-haulers' still 2020-09-18 07:00:06Some people deal with COVID-19 symptoms for months on end.

Flu season may be very mild this year, 2020-09-17 14:39:50Flu activity in the U.S. right now is at "historical lows," according to a new report.

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Mount Wilson Escapes Wildfire; Amateur Observatory Destroyed 2020-09-18 15:18:53Firefighting crews held the line as wildfire threatened Mount Wilson; an amateur observatory built by the Tri-Valley Stargazers was not so lucky. The

Race to Venus: How We’ll Verify Phosphine 2020-09-16 15:30:00Confirming phosphine's presence on Venus is difficult from Earth . . . and that makes a good case for a mission to our sister planet. The post Race t

Sun’s Activity Cycle Is Stabilizing 2020-09-16 15:29:03Solar Cycle 25 is here, and forecasts suggest the next decade of the Sun’s activity will mimic the last one — halting a 40-year trend. The

Uranian Moons Are Like Dwarf Planets 2020-09-15 09:00:00The moons of Uranus exhibit heat signatures similar to dwarf planets in the Kuiper Belt — where the moons were likely born. The post Uranian Moo

Potential Biosignature Found in Venus’s Clouds 2020-09-14 12:36:10Astronomers might have found a potential indication of life in the clouds of Venus. The post Potential Biosignature Found in Venus’s Clouds app

Hubble Images Reveal Dark Matter Problem 2020-09-13 11:00:00Astronomers studying Hubble Space Telescope images of massive galaxy clusters have uncovered a potential problem with dark matter. The post Hubble Ima

Amateur Astronomer Finds Kilometer-size Asteroid 2020-09-11 10:50:29A grant front the Planetary Society enabled an amateur astronomer's discovery of kilometer-size asteroid 2020 QU6. The post Amateur Astronomer Finds

Astronomers Map Andromeda’s Halo 2020-09-10 19:33:49Astronomers have observed 43 quasars in back of our sister galaxy, Andromeda, using the distant beacons to map its halo of hot gas. The post Astronome

Stormy Times on Jupiter, Comet Howell Steps Up, 2020-09-09 11:25:24Colder weather might be coming, but don't pack away that telescope! You'll miss a powerful storm that's remaking Jupiter's North Temperate Belt, a

Study Suggests Jupiter Could Have 600 Moons 2020-09-08 10:21:06New detections of candidate moons suggest that the king of planets could have hundreds of smaller satellites. The post Study Suggests Jupiter Could Ha

Historic Lick Observatory Survives California Fire 2020-09-04 11:50:39A major observatory complex has survived the devastating 2020 California wildfire season. The post Historic Lick Observatory Survives California Fire

This Week's Sky at a Glance, September 4 2020-09-04 05:23:00Mars is big, bright and close as it nears opposition! It nears the gibbous Moon this weekend. The post This Week's Sky at a Glance, September 4 &ndas


NASA Is Heading to the Far Side of New! 2020-09-22 16:27:37 NASA and the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) are launching a spacecraft to the far side of the Moon so that they can look back into the v

Russia Wants to Be the First to Shoot New! 2020-09-22 16:02:17 Space Movie Tom Cruise is officially in an international race to become the first movie star, who’s spent time in space. According to a stateme

NASA and the US Space Force Are Officially New! 2020-09-22 15:57:53 NASA and the U.S. Space Force just formally teamed up on a number of objectives ranging from human spaceflight to planetary defense. The five-page Me

Understand The Fundamentals of AI Through This Deep New! 2020-09-22 15:45:59 Artificial intelligence and deep learning are drawing patterns out of the seeming noise in big data, and it’s changing our world in broad and s

The Sensibo SKY Smart AC Controller Makes Any New! 2020-09-22 15:45:54 Every air conditioner figures out how cold to make a home the same way: It takes the temperature with a thermostat, and if it’s higher than wha

Walmart Is Delivering COVID Tests Via Drone New! 2020-09-22 15:33:28 COVID Test Drop During its latest drone delivery trial, retail giant Walmart started delivering at-home COVID-19 tests. The company started making de

Facebook Threatens to Pull Out of Europe Entirely New! 2020-09-22 15:16:25 Big in Europe Following a landmark European court ruling, Facebook is warning that it may pull out of Europe entirely, as The Guardian reports. In a

Earth Appears to Be Capturing a Tiny New New! 2020-09-22 14:41:42 There’s a mysterious object in space heading our way — and while it poses absolutely no threat to the Earth, it will probably get trapped

A City in Michigan Just Decriminalized Magic Mushrooms New! 2020-09-22 13:34:29 The City Council of Ann Arbor, Michigan voted unanimously to decriminalize all psychedelic plants and fungi on Monday night. Citing potential medical

YouTube Content Moderator Sues Over Psychological Trauma New! 2020-09-22 13:33:06 YouTube is under fire: A new lawsuit claims that it failed to support the content moderators who watch and remove inappropriate or violent videos upl

NASA Unveils Flabbergasting Budget For Moon Missions 2020-09-22 11:35:03 $28 Billion NASA is on yet another budget crunch in its efforts to realize the Trump administration’s ambitious plans to return astronauts to t

The US Military Used Emergency Coronavirus Money to 2020-09-22 11:15:28 Back in March, Congress allocated a $1 billion emergency fund to the Pentagon, directing it to stockpile medical supplies and equipment for the count

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